Dental implants

Our dental practice specializes in the placement of implants with minimally invasive surgery. With our high quality implants and the latest in guided surgery technology, we are able to restore your teeth in just one day. This procedure is not suitable for all patients as it depends on several factors such as the quality and quantity of your bone.

Trust our team of professionals, who have over 12 years’ experience in implant placement.

We will provide you with all our facilities, including advice, support and financing, so that you can smile without ever feeling ashamed again.

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Treatment method

1. Thorough examination

The first step in dental implant treatment is to speak with your dentist and have a dental checkup. The jaw is x-rayed to determine the condition of the bone and the most suitable type of implant. Then an impression of the jaw and the existing teeth is taken.

2. Placement of the dental implant

There are two options for dental implant placement depending on the patient's clinical condition.
In the one-step procedure, the dental implant is placed and then a temporary abutment is attached. In the two-step procedure, the dental implant is placed and then covered with the gum. The abutment is attached later on.

3. Placing the abutments

In the one-step treatment, the temporary abutment is replaced by a permanent one, once the dental implant has anchored to the bone.
In the two-step treatment a small incision is made to open the gum and place the abutment.

4. Tooth production

Once the abutment has been placed, an impression is taken. A final model is obtained, which the dental technician uses to carefully craft a crown, bridge or prosthesis. Particular care is taken to ensure the correct color and shape so that your new teeth look natural.

5. Adaptation and revision

When the teeth are ready, your dentist will gently place them over the dental implants. Treatment is complete at this stage. A few follow-up visits are made to control the functionality, to ensure that the aesthetics match what is desired, and to make sure that the patient is completely satisfied with the result.