Lingual orthodontics

In contrast to conventional techniques, with lingual orthodontics you can align your teeth without the braces being seen, since they are placed on the inside of the teeth.

Lingual orthodontics is a treatment that is placed on the inside of the teeth, making it invisible on the outside.

It is the preferred method of orthodontics for adults who do not want others to know that they are wearing braces.

Lingual orthodontics is suitable for all treatments

Incognito lingual orthodontics can correct all types of deviations in the teeth, providing the best result.

It is suitable for anyone, both children and adults, but it is more common in adults.

Advantages of Lingual Orthodontics

  • Comfortable for the patient due to the low profile design.
  • Completely personalized treatment, the brackets are individually made for each patient.
  • Virtually invisible from the outside.
  • Considerable success in no time.
  • Reliable correction of all types of deviations
  • Suitable for all ages.